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Guaranteed day-time privacy
and still enjoy the view outside

Verosol metallised fabrics offer unrivalled performance in terms of reflection and visual comfort.
Enjoy the benefits of privacy during the day, without compromising on the beautiful view outside.

Excellent climate control

Verosol metallised fabrics eliminate glare and other annoying light, while providing an easily manageable indoor climate and reducing the need for heating and cooling. The metallised side provides effective insulation for windows, significantly reducing heat loss in winter and heat build-up in summer.

A superb advantage

During the summer, the metal layer provides a solar protection effect that keeps the interior cool. In the winter the same layer keeps the warmth inside. As a result Verosol blinds can save up to 25% on the annual energy bill. Verosol is unique in this respect; no other supplier on the market can match these properties.

An extensive product portfolio

Our metallised fabrics offer thermal and visual comfort and are available in a complete assortment of pleated fabrics, roller blind fabrics, and curtain fabrics. You can choose from several transparencies and fashionable colours and fabrics. 

The characteristics of Verosol metallised fabrics


A one-sidedly transparent fabric that gives a perfect view of the outside during the day and at the same time offers privacy by blocking the view from outside. Almost any degree of transparency is possible.


A fabric that reflects sunlight and filters out obstructing light. This prevents glare and at the same time allows a perfect view.

Thermal comfort

A fabric that reflects heat and cold, optimising the temperature and thus saving energy.


A fabric with a shiny, reflective metal surface, giving it a stylish, modern, high-tech or even chic look.

Privacy en uitzicht
Privacy and view through

Thanks to the metallised layer, you enjoy the benefits of privacy during the day without compromising the beautiful view outside.


A fabric that is antistatic and does not attract dust.

Calculate your savings

Metallised blinds improve visual and thermal comfort and can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs (and therefore CO2 emissions). In summer, metallised Verosol sunblinds prevent heat from entering the building and in winter, they prevent heat from escaping through the windows. This reduces the heat transmission of a building by 50% or more.

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