Functional fabrics for internal blinds

Verosol is the inventor and founder of metallised fabrics and pleated blinds. We are constantly innovating to offer the best performance in heat and daylight control. We strive to create the most sustainable indoor climate, where people can live and work in comfort.

Verosol specialises in the development and production of fabrics for functional indoor solar shading and is a global supplier of metallised textiles. For almost 60 years, Verosol has been manufacturing high-quality roller blind fabrics with an aluminium backing that reflect solar radiation on hot days and provide excellent insulation during cold days.

Made in Holland

Our employees in Eibergen are proud of the Verosol fabrics they produce. Our production process is sustainable and provides distinctive product characteristics. As a result, Verosol metallised fabrics last a long time and generate energy savings year after year.

Verosol is part of the Kvadrat company

Kvadrat, the global leading manufacturer of high performance design textiles has acquired the Verosol Group. With the acquisition of Verosol, Kvadrat is creating a strong foothold in the market of high-performance textiles. Verosol, is the global specialist in design and manufacturing of functional indoor solar shading fabrics and blinds. Founded in 1965 in The Netherlands, Verosol is the inventor of metallised textiles and pleated blinds.

The innovative fabrics of Verosol offer the highest performance in heat and daylight control while maintaining the outside view, this to create a more sustainable building environment.

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