Good for the environment and your budget

As the inventor of metallised fabrics, Verosol has built a strong reputation for the sustainability and durability of its fabrics. The high quality materials and unique processes used to manufacture these fabrics result in an uncompromised end product. As well as providing comfort and insulation, Verosol fabrics provides significant energy savings by reducing the need for air conditioning and heating all year round. The metalissed fabrics have excellent colour fastness properties, which resist fading and prolongs the excellent look of your blinds.

The selective use of quality materials combined with Verosol’s expertise in metallisation ensures the best insulation for your building through all seasons of the year.

Reduced cooling and heating costs

For Verosol, sustainability is not a trend but our very existence. Since the company was founded in 1963, our fabrics have been designed to make a positive contribution to energy bills. Thanks to the excellent sun protection and insulating values of the fabrics, savings are made on cooling costs in the summer and on heating costs in the winter. When used correctly, this can add up to a 25% saving.


Sustainability is of key importance in the development of our products. In addition, we ensure that the raw materials used are produced as environmentally friendly as possible. Cotton, for example, has a green image, but its production requires a lot of water. This is one of the reasons why we opt for polyester, and our R&D is constantly focussed on exploring even greener alternatives.

Sustainable production

Verosol keeps investing in a sustainable production facility. Our roofs are equipped with over 2,200 solar panels that generate a large part of the energy we use. In our fabrics production we limit the use of water and most fabrics are coloured via transfer printing, which is very environmentally friendly. Finally, we focus on waste and pollution reduction and save energy wherever possible.

OEKO-TEX: Certificate of approval for people & the environment

Sustainability also includes safety. The Verosol collection has various certificates, including the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate. This is an international health certificate used in the fabric and clothing industry.

Our case studies

Verosol can be found all over the world. Since the development of metallised fabrics in the 1960s, Verosol has grown to become the global supplier and market leader of this type of indoor sun protection.

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